Nolia: The Ultimate Gift Card

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Parents, we see you. 

We're on a mission to create the quintessential family-centric space - outfitted with healthy menu items and places to play for the little humans, and with life-changing coffee for the big humans. 

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The Non-Negotiables:

  • The Vision

    We believe that kids are meant to be celebrated, not just tolerated. Nolia exists to facilitate authentic human connection and to help you create a more integrated life - where work, play, community engagement, and family are beautifully interwoven. 

  • The Space

    Family is at the heart of everything we do. We're constantly looking for ways to make the space more accommodating to the needs of parents and their children. And we're intentional about making sure that ALL members of our community feel safe and welcomed.

  • The Coffee

    Your coffee should taste good AND do good. All of the coffee served at Nolia is direct-trade, ethically-sourced, and specialty-grade. This way, you can change the world just by drinking amazing coffee.


Where is Nolia located?

We're conveniently located at 1004 Morning Glory Ave in Durham, NC. 

You'll also find us out in the community at events all over Durham. Follow us on Instagram @noliacoffee to stay in the loop.

Do you only have coffee?

Of course not! The coffee is amazing, but we also have kid-friendly drinks, tea from @jeddahstea, and a few other carefully curated local products. 

What are the hours of operation?


Tuesday-Friday: 9am - 2pm

Sat/Sun/Mon: Closed

Note: We've limited our operation to include ONLY online ordering with curbside pickup.

Please visit to order.