A Specific Request From Management:

Parents, please stop apologizing for having little people in your life. You may feel the need to do that in other establishments (which we still think is silly), but that's certainly not acceptable here at Nolia. Here are the types of problematic phrases we're hearing:

I'm so sorry that...

my kid is crying
my kid spilled something on the floor
my kid accidentally broke one of the toys
my kid is asking for too many free "high fives"

Nolia is literally built for you AND your little people to enjoy your time here. The kid's menu is at their height. The major breakable items are out of reach. We expect for toys to break sometimes; and for kids to cry, spill things, ask questions... they're kids!

We're excited that they're in this space with us. So keep bringing your little ones, but please stop apologizing. Cool?!

Management ;)


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