It's time! We're proud to introduce "Nolia's Neighborhood": engaging and educational content for kids from artists and educators who care.

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Visit to join "Nolia's Neighborhood"!

We're doing this in response to two major issues affecting our direct community:

1) So many parents are having a hard time keeping their kids engaged at home right now. We definitely get it.

2) Child-focused artists and educators are struggling to find ways to connect with kids and share their gifts with the world.

This is why we're launching "Nolia's Neighborhood": a platform that aggregates engaging and educational content to help you and the kids thrive during this time. We're hosting a combination of livestream events for us to connect virtually, as well as content that you can use whenever you need a break.

We want to ensure that all people have access to these resources, so the entire platform will be donation based. Support the contributors as you're able :)


We're using the transparent generosity model. We split 80% of the total donations between the contributors based on how many pieces of content they contribute to the plaform. Nolia Coffee gets 20% to cover the Patreon fees and administrative costs, and run marketing. You'll get a monthly report with a breakdown of exactly where your dollars went, down to the penny. 

Nolia has always been by parents, for parents. And this is no different. We've got you.

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