Jasper & Gold

Jasper & Gold is an herbal infusions business. We specialize in creating delicious drinks, by only infusing organic & all-natural medicinal herbs with culinary ingredients with hot water to promote health and offer quality taste. The main vision of Jasper & Gold is that the products will be consumed daily and internationally as the primary beverage of choice to promote a healthier lifestyle for all consumers.

The name of the business "Jasper & Gold" comes from 2 major concepts. 

Jasper is a spotted stone which varies in color, shape, and size representing the value in every person and herb. Every person, jasper stone and every herb used in our infusions are unique. Which is why we focus on where the herbs are sourced, how to maintain it's quality, as well as how to properly extract it's flavor.

Gold is the constant. It is well know in any form or shape. It represents the love and honey.   Love is the constant, just like honey. Honey, which is a natural preservative, has major benefits making it well known as a healthier choice over most sweeteners. 

We hope that people can come together in love as we bring together various ingredients.

Check out more of their products on their website at www.jasperandgold.store and Instagram @miajaspergold