Simply Samone

My name is Nyla Samone McMichael and I am 11 years old. I am the owner of Simply Samone an accessory business offer studs and more. I handmake all of my Sassy Classy stud earrings that are made with Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel and some even have a Clip on option. 

Being raised by Entrepreneurial parents I wanted to be one too, so i asked my parents could i start a business. After giving them my "business plan" they agreed to give me a business launch party, to see how people would respond to my idea. On October 27th 2019 at just 9 years old I had my business launch party at a local coffee shop, Nolia Family and Coffee. Within 2 months I had sold over 200 pairs of earrings. 

After being a part of over 20 interviews and or Instagram lives  I decided I wanted to start my own little talk show. I wanted to give kids (under 16) a platform to share about life, and business. 

Dream Big Little one.