The Good Bar Soapery

Growing up, I (Kelly) suffered with eczema and seasonal allergies. My husband (Lance) has suffered with back acne for several years. We determined that the commercial, mass produced body cleansers were harsh synthetic detergents. Though popular because they are inexpensive, suds easily, and do not form gummy deposits they are marketed as soap. However, they are not true soap. Together, we wanted to use “True Soap” with the oils and butters we grew up on.

November 2018, I was treated to a “blind date.” When I arrived the surprise was a Soap making class. It was the best experience learning the science of the soap making process and most of all the hands on fun of actually getting to make soap. In this class, olive oil, coconut oils, and essential oils were used. When using the homemade handmade soaps from our class we saw that our skin responded well to simple ingredients hence true soap.

For 2 years we continued to hand make our bar soap formulating our proprietary recipes and gifting it to family and friends. My husband then asked “When are you going to share it with the world?” When expressing to my son I wanted people to use soap with oils and butters they grew up on and labels they could read, his creative genius sparked and he asked “What about The Good Bar?” In November of 2020 The Good Bar was born.

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