Black Cocoa
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Black Cocoa

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This organic, vegan-friendly herbal infusion is a delicious alternative to coffee and hot cocoa. It naturally provides an energy boost when sweetened and gives small portion of caffeine. It's an expert blend of cocoa powder, refreshing peppermint, cozy nutmeg, aromatic cloves and pleasant taste of English Breakfast.

Ingredients: Black tea, peppermint, cocoa powder, nutmeg, cloves.

Caffeinated: Black Tea is naturally caffeinated.

Qt. 5 Tea Bags

Amount: 8oz (1 cup) - 32oz. (4 cups) per bag

Temp.  180° F

Time  20 secs.

Net Wt. 0.4 oz. 

Brewing Instructions:

Pour heated water over tea bag while inside cup or mug. 

Steep. 20 secs.

Remove & Refrigerate tea bag to reuse.


Add more hot water.

Message from CEO

I made this blend for coffee and chocolate lovers.  I wanted to give them a healthy alternative for morning beverages and to help reduce the amount of caffeine intake. This particular blend combines well with creams such as organic coconut, oat, or skim milk. Organic Brown Sugar is also a great touch. Refrigerate tea bags after brewing for multiple uses. Lastly try hot, cold, sweetened or unsweetened.