Royal Sweet Tea
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Royal Sweet Tea

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Our take on a southern classic. Royal Sweet Tea is our delicious combination of Black tea, Rooibos and lemon expertly blended for a stronger refreshing flavor and to promote good health. Just add some organic raw honey and organic cane sugar.

Caffeinated: Black Tea is naturally caffeinated.

Ingredients: Black tea, Lemon Peel, Rooibos.

Qt. 5 Tea Bags

Amount 8oz (1 cup) - 32oz. (4 cups) per bag.

Temp. 180° F

Time 20 secs.

Net Wt. 0.6 oz. 

Recommended Instruction: 

Pour heated water over tea bag while inside cup or mug. 

Steep for 20 sec. 

Remove & Refrigerate tea bag to reuse.


Add more hot water.

Note: For a stronger bitter taste steep for 1 min.

Message from CEO

One of the most popular beverages in America is Sweet Tea or hot black tea. Although many love the taste, some people concerned with the health effects that comes with consuming sweet tea. So we created this infusion, It's our healthy take on a southern classic. The flavor in this infusion is strong, less sweetener is needed. I use organic honey to sweeten this beverage with a small amount of organic cane sugar. I personally prefer this infusion hot but many prefer it chilled.